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Wolfestone Break Quarter Record Sales

Wolfestone, a leading language translation company offering translation services across all languages, recently secured several large contracts which has allowed them to break previous records of sales for the last quarter. Wolfestone, the largest translation company in Wales, can provide a variety of international translation services, such as website translations, technical translations and proofreading services. This multi-award winning company is committed to delivering high quality translations at a competitive price, so their customers are sure to receive an accurate and professional translation. Wolfestone recently announced that they have secured several major contracts which resulted in the company achieving record breaking sales for the previous quarter. As a result, Wolfestone will now be increasing their staff by 20%, and are currently looking for project managers, sound engineers, voiceover artists, sales representatives and additional linguists. Wolfestone Director, Anna Bastek commented: “Here at Wolfestone we are delighted to have secured a large number of contracts in a competitive bidding war with some of the most popular translation companies in the industry. To celebrate the success with our hardworking and talented staff, we have recently rewarded them with a 50% bonus on top of their usual salaries and are currently organising a team building weekend to encourage morale. We would like to thank all of our dedicated staff for their commitment during the previous quarter and are pleased to announce that we are already ahead of our financial target for 2011.”

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