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Wolfestone and Tinopolis – A Quality Production

Wolfestone is proud to deal with clients in every corner of the world. There’s something particularly pleasing, though, about working with a genuine market leader right on our doorstep with a global reputation and an ethical commitment to the community that matches our own. Tinopolis is one of the UK’s leading media companies, with a global reach and an unrivalled reputation for quality in factual and non-factual programming. Just as impressively, the company reaches out to the wider community, extending learning opportunities to young people throughout South Wales. Tinopolis Interactive, the “new media” arm of the group, has designed and distributed learning packs for dyslexic students containing books and interactive CDs. With schools facing budgetary restrictions, these products have offered an invaluable resource. This struck a chord with Wolfestone, whose community activity also takes us into local schools. We offer careers advice and interview coaching, and the two companies’ fundamental aims to help young people fulfil their potential are the same. A 500% increase in turnover between 2007 and 2011 has given Wolfestone the platform to launch new services with confidence. Having made Swansea a centre of excellence for global translation services, we’re now doing the same for voiceovers and multilingual presenting work. Not surprisingly, the first client we wanted to share this news with was Tinopolis. A series of productive conversations and meetings led to our first joint project, a corporate video shoot that required native speaking artists to complete voiceover work and on-camera presenting in German, Spanish, Italian and French. Wolfestone auditioned and cast a group of experienced professionals, all of whom were delighted to have the chance to work with a media giant whose name is synonymous with excellence. On the day of the shoot, the Tinopolis production team immediately put the artists at ease, the recordings went smoothly and the end result was a job thoroughly well done. Our artists have made it clear that they would jump at the chance to work with Tinopolis in the future, and that sentiment is echoed by everyone at Wolfestone. The Tinopolis Group has been responsible for some of the most celebrated and influential television programmes of the past two decades. Now Tinopolis Interactive is applying the same creativity and professionalism to a range of e-learning and new media solutions. High quality web and streaming, interactive training and corporate promotions are continuously adding value and prestige to the brand name. Like Wolfestone, Tinopolis is using a Head Office in South Wales to launch services which impact positively the world over. We’re proud to work with this outstanding innovator and market leader, and we look forward to a long and productive association. DAVID JONE

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