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Wolfestone and Douglas Jones-Mercer: local partners with national reputations

When it comes to local partnerships, we'd like to give a specific mention to Douglas Jones-Mercer Solicitors, a leading firm who've provided us with their expertise for several years and to whom we've offered our translation services in return. Douglas Jones-Mercer was established in 1946 and like Wolfestone is a genuine Swansea-based sucecss story. In fact, it's one of the largest law firms in Wales. The company offers a range of legal services including corporate, family, insurance, employment, personal injury, commercial and commercial property law, debt collection, dispute resolution, residential conveyancing, legal estates and trusts as well as a notary service. In addition to the many accreditations the company has received from The Law Society, DJM boasts a client list that encompasses private individuals and plcs and which is continuously growing by recommendation. Ken Morgan, DJM's notary public, works with Wolfestone regularly, dealing with the notarisation of our translations. Mr. Morgan, who is originally from the area, graduated at University College London in 1971 and accepted a position at the above solicitor firm a year later before being subsequently admitted to The Law Society a year after that. He has extensive experience in his specialist areas of corporate matters, commercial contracts and business acquisitions and disposals. On a personal note, we have always found the service provided by Mr. Morgan to be of the highest standard, constantly meeting our requirements in a friendly and professional manner. Wolfestone is proud to have a client and supplier base that spans the globe, but we're just as proud to work closely with reputable local partners and support the local community. There's no better example of that than our relationship with Douglas Jones Mercer.

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