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Why Chinese Translation is Important

Are you spotting business opportunities in China?

It’s only relatively recently that the Chinese economy has begun to open up to Western partnerships but there is absolutely no doubt that China will be a massive player on the international financial scene in the next few decades.

For a start, the population is greater than that of any other country on Earth. China’s 1.3 billion people make up almost 20% of the global total. Geographically, China controls a large swathe of territory and that land contains vast mineral reserves.

The westernization of China means that the country is becoming a market for imported consumer goods for the first time. At the moment there are outstanding opportunities for businesses of all sizes to work with Chinese customers and investors. Professional translation is a must for any company looking to get a foothold in China and we can provide Chinese translation of the highest quality.

English to Chinese translation can take two written forms. The older character alphabet is difficult (but certainly not impossible) to present in typed form, so the Romanised pinyin system is in popular use. Good quality professional translation companies like Wolfestone Group offer either or both, depending on your needs and those of your partners.

We can also provide Chinese translation in either or both of the two main language groups, the Cantonese of Hong Kong and the southeast and the Mandarin of Beijing, the north, and the southwest. Whether it’s English Chinese translation you’re after or Chinese to English, or both, we can provide a truly comprehensive service.


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