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Who Wants a Job?

Wolfestone is currently looking for an Inbound Sales Executive and a Business Development Manager. You’d think it would be easy to fill these roles given the figures flying around concerning unemployment. However, we are finding it hard to find people that meet not just the role requirements, but also the Wolfestone values. Wolfestone is a young, dynamic, fast moving company. We are the 14th fastest growing company and the 2nd fastest growing service sector company in Wales. In order to get where we are today we have had to remain flexible, positive, enthusiastic and willing to go the extra mile for our clients. Our drive and ambition has led us to become the biggest translation company in Wales in just 6 short years. We need people who display these qualities and who thrive in this kind of fast paced environment. Are you our next Inbound Sales Executive? This role involves responding to clients who request translation work over the phone, email or via our online quote request service. You need not have any knowledge of the translation industry to do this role as we can teach you all there is to know. However what we are looking for is someone with a passion for providing excellent customer service, who thrives on exceeding customer expectations. Or perhaps our next Business Development Manager? You would be out and about spreading the word about the excellent quality and value for money service that Wolfestone provides. Constantly on the lookout for potential new clients and arranging meetings with those who need our services, but perhaps don’t know it yet! Knowledge of the translation industry would be preferred but not essential in this role, as again, we are the experts, we can teach you! What you will need is a proven track record of growing business, exceeding sales targets and outstanding relationship building skills. Wolfestone doesn’t like to be pushy but when we know we can save someone money or provide a better service than they are currently getting, you will need the skills to be able to demonstrate this and a certain level of resilience and determination is needed! Over and above this you will still need to match the Wolfestone passion for providing excellent customer service. So you think you’re Wolfestone material? If you think you match the skills and values required for the above roles then you can find out more at our vacancy pages https://www.wolfestone.co.uk/in_house_vacancies.php. Alternatively email emma@wolfestone.co.uk for more details.

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