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Website translations can help you tap into mobile commerce

It's hard to imagine life these days without the computers, laptops, tablets and mobiles that we use both professionally and privately. So, if your firm is to appeal to the greatest possible number of consumers, it's vital you ride this technology wave. Firstly, it's crucial that you ensure you have a presence on the internet. More and more people are heading online to source goods and services, and if you're lacking a good quality website, your bottom line may well suffer. Of course, if you're trying to appeal to foreign language speakers, it's important to make use of translation services to ensure that your information is both accurate and appealing. By coming to a translation agency like us here at Wolfestone, you can make the most of our superb website translation service. Whether you need English to French translation or anything else, we'll be able to help. Going mobile Meanwhile, as well as making sure your products or services are available online via PCs and laptops, it's important to consider mobile technology. A rising number of consumers are using their phones to shop. According to Stibo Systems, shopping via smartphone and tablet devices grew by ten per cent over the last year. It revealed that while the laptop is still the preferred tool of choice for web shoppers, with 66 per cent of consumers favouring it, 20 per cent of online consumers opt for smaller, hand-held devices instead. It was also found that 78 per cent of consumers used mobile devices to review products before making a purchase. However, only 25 per cent of respondents reported being satisfied with their mobile retail experiences. Firms must react Responding to these findings, UK managing director at Stibo Mark Thorpe said: "As the use of mobile devices becomes more ubiquitous in today's world, it becomes crucial for retailers to meet customers' rising expectations surrounding m-commerce." He added: "In producing a year-on-year survey comparison, it is evident that mobile is a key part of a retailer's multichannel strategy. Retailers must pay attention to this if they are to continue to ensure customer satisfaction throughout the overall shopping experience." Sourcing help If you lack experience when it comes to online solutions, the prospect of making sure your website is up-to-scratch may be daunting. Meanwhile, if you're trying to appeal to foreign language speakers, this might be ever more worrying. However, by sourcing the necessary technical assistance and website translation service, you should be able to achieve your goals with the minimum of hassle and stress. What we can do By heading to us to take advantage of our translation services, you can rest assured that your site will communicate your information in the best possible way. Our expert team work to the highest standards. To find out more about how we operate as a translation agency and to see whether or not our English to French translation and so on could be perfect for you, just take a look around the rest of our website or get in touch.

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