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We Also Offer Proofreading!

Although we are a professional translation company, specializing in many different languages in areas such as technical translation, we also offer proofreading services in as many languages and in a number of areas. It is usually not too difficult to find proofreaders in your native language (although we are happy to do that as well!) but when you have documents in a number of different languages this is a lot more complicated a matter. For proofreading alone, our teams are comprised of professionals in the relevant fields who are native speakers in the language that is being checked. for example, if the document is an English to German translation of a contract then we will generally use a native German speaking lawyer who is also fluent in English to do the proofreading. Our staff comprises people from all sorts of fields such as engineers, scientists, lawyers, doctors, architects and many other professionals. Another aspect of proofreading is the "polishing process" that we offer. Not only will our translators make sure that the technical translation matches the original language document, but they will also point out any problems that may come up later because of cultural differences, such as differences in scientific paper formats or differences in the legal systems. Sometimes it may be appropriate to freshen up the translation to make it more readable or relevant and if this is the case then our proof readers will suggest this. However, because proofreading should be done by somebody who isn't the original translator, they won't do any major translation changes themselves.

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