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Warning: Reliable Translations Required

In the commercial world, many businesses fail to comprehend how damaging trying to get by without the services of professional language translators can be. All too often there will be a blind faith in the ability of overseas contacts to be able to communicate comprehensively in English. Alternatively, companies may try and rely on a smattering of basic European languages among a few key staff. In recent years however these assumptions have started to prove worryingly unsound. In the first instance, an increasingly competitive, global marketplace means that those businesses that fail to fully respect language differences may well end up falling by the wayside. Secondly, when it comes to technical translations, or the need to accurately interpret the meaning of vital documents such as legal contracts, it is inadvisable to rely solely on a third party business contact for an impartial and accurate assessment. Even where a company feels its staff can tackle, say, basic French to English translation, the oversight of a few key terms or contextual references can seriously undermine the value of that translation. Furthermore, on this subject of relying on ‘school French’, the rather unsettling fact should be borne in mind that fewer UK pupils are now leaving school with European foreign language skills at GCSE and A-level. It is therefore likely to be harder in future to rely on the ad hoc linguistic abilities of staff. At Wolfestone Translation we do not believe a business should take any chances with important language translation needs, which is why we offer a fully comprehensive but surprisingly cheap translation service.

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