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Voiceovers in Different Industries

In this blog, we explore how voiceovers can support multiple industries in becoming successful on an international level.

Knowing the Voice

Across America, many famous voices can be recognized in film, media and advertising. From Morgan Freeman to Tom Hanks, iconic voiceovers can be one of the most recognizable elements in a marketing campaign or piece of content – leaving a long-lasting impression on viewers.

So, how can other industries benefit from memorable voiceovers?

In this blog, we are going to investigate how industries like manufacturing, engineering, and legal can harness the power of multilingual voiceovers.

How can the engineering industry use voiceovers?

When thinking about industries that use voiceover services, engineering is probably not the first industry that comes to mind. But, in fact, the engineering industry can use voiceovers to benefit both employees and consumers.

In a sector that contains some of the most dangerous jobs in the US, it is essential that health and safety procedures are always understood.

In this case, voiceovers are massively advantageous.

Voiceovers enhance your safety training videos by helping staff understand how to be safe in the workplace, offering explanations of the actions being performed in video.

Introducing voiceovers to your multimedia health and safety videos can improve retention rates by 54% and help employees recall up to 95% more information, which decreases the number of accidents that occur in the workplace.

Voiceovers lead to less accidents

For consumers, multilingual voiceovers can be introduced to increase the reach of international marketing campaigns.

Whether you are targeting business-to-business or business-to-consumer, you should always consider the marketing techniques being used.

Voiceovers provide an opportunity for your company to visually showcase a product or service with a clear, appealing, and convincing narration that leads to increased conversions and revenue.

Can voiceovers be used by the legal industry?

The answer is yes!

Legal firms rely on answering machines to ensure clients reach the correct departments – a system which uses voiceovers.

What if you were able to improve your client reach by introducing multilingual voiceovers?

The top 3 most common languages spoken in the US include English, Spanish, and Chinese. By introducing these languages into your business, you can reach a wider audience and compete in the US’ linguistically diverse market.

Introducing voiceovers throughout your company can support you in improving your accessibility by ensuring multimedia videos can be understood by all. People who are visually impaired often rely on text-to-voice guides to understand what visual content is about.

Top 6 languages spoken in US 3

Does the medical industry need voiceovers?

The medical industry needs voiceovers for a variety of reasons. Voice narration can enhance teaching for medical students and help improve accessibility for multilingual patients.

In the US, a large number of the population speaks a language besides English, with Spanish and Chinese being the second and third most-spoken languages.

So, what does this mean for the medical industry?

Well, patients who speak these languages will rely on multilingual voiceovers to understand important medical information.

Additionally, multilanguage voiceovers can be used to benefit medical students, as they work with modern technology and need to understand how it works. Voiceovers can offer a breakdown of what the technology is, how it works and the benefits it can have during a procedure.

Why does the gaming industry use Voiceovers?

The gaming industry combines an array of wonderful visuals, and compelling storytelling, to create content that compels and entertains people. These graphics can be brought to life with the use of voiceovers, allowing the game to be experienced in more complex ways.

Voiceovers have been an integral part of game development with the script being vital, as characters can communicate with each other and give out tasks that will help to complete the overall aim of the game.

Introducing voiceovers can increase interaction time, drive sales, and boost the amount of time people spend playing the game.

To keep players interested in video games, it’s important to appeal to all audiences, especially on an international level. Imagine having a well-developed game with effective graphics, only to have its story not be understood in China, Germany, Japan, and other exciting markets.

Here at Wolfestone Group, we can record the script in English, along with over 220+ languages.

Number of Americans playing video games 1

Voiceover Services: How does it work?

Finding the voice best suited to your industry is integral to your overall brand, with voices having the power to audibly enhance the content your company is creating.

Here at Wolfestone Group, we work with a diverse range of artists to bring text to life. We use a variety of tones, accents, and languages, combined with a professional recording, to support you in standing out from the competition.

The process of choosing your perfect voiceover is as follows:

  • Knowing the language you wish to have the voiceover in is a big part of finding a voice for your brand. The ability to choose from a language catalogue can make your decision easier. Here at Wolfestone Group, we offer voiceover services in numerous languages.
  • The next step is simply choosing your voiceover artist from the thousands of expert vocalists available at the Wolfestone Group. We give you the opportunity to hear aspects of your script being read, so you can make an informed decision. As well as this, other aspects like the tone of voice and dialect will be considered.
  • To make sure the audio file is perfect, all voiceovers will be recorded in a professional studio.

Voiceovers are important

Are you ready to introduce voiceover services into your multimedia content? Then why not contact Wolfestone Group today?

Wolfestone Group has been continuously meeting clients’ multilingual needs with a customer satisfaction rate of 99.5%. with over 220+ languages and 2,000 professional voiceover artists, you can find your voice with Wolfestone Group. Contact us today to find out more.

Information Correct: 15/08/2022

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