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Universal Translators are Still Out of Reach

The fact that there are lists of the most difficult words to translate, many of which either have so many potential meanings or such a complex definition that they pose a huge problem for those trying to interpret them, is one of the clearest signs that any universal translator is still out of our reach. Technology has changed the face of so many industries for the better, being faster than both the eye and the hand, but ultimately computers still come up against major problems when faced with the complex nuances of language. Whilst obscure words are often hard for computers to translate, easier words can also pose huge problems as their meanings can be so diverse and complex. Google Translator is one of the most commonly used computer language translators, yet they themselves admit that it will be some time before anyone can offer human quality translations. The problem lies in the fact that literal translations aren’t always correct translations. What is meant by the speaker may be completely different to what they actually say, and that needs to be interpreted by a human familiar to that culture. There are many gadgets on the market that can translate things including voice translators that can cost thousands of pounds, but they still won’t be able to offer the kind of translation that is needed to really be understood. Especially when it comes to business. It is therefore vital that when it comes to getting documents translated you look to humans not computerised language translators. The right translation company will not only be able to analyse what is being said but express it in the way that will resonate best with the target audience. Cultural differences carry different implications, and a professional translation company will not only ensure what you are saying is correct, but also that it attracts the most attention possible.

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