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UK is preferred legal arena for the world's wealthiest

One article which has recently caught our eye concerning both the legal and localization sectors is that bearing the title World’s super-rich choose English courts to settle their disputes, in which it states that wealthy foreign business people are increasingly choosing Britain rather than their own countries as a place to best hold their court battles; “Nine out of 10 commercial cases handled by London law firms now have an international link, according to government statistics.” The main reason behind this seems to be the overwhelmingly high reputation that the British legal system has throughout the world. It appears that foreign oligarchs particularly appreciate the quality, fairness, efficiency and speed of British trials compared to those in other countries and in the article there is the suggestion that London lawyers are renowned for their specialisms in commercial and financial matters. An example of a high-profile court case involving non-UK nationals is the battle between Russian billionaires Boris Berezovsky and Roman Abramovich. The former, who is an exiled businessman, sued the latter, owner of Chelsea football club, for a breach of trust and contract with regard to the sale of Russian oil company Sibneft shares. Likewise, in 2006 Israeli entrepreneur Michael Cherney filed a lawsuit against the owner of a major Russian aluminium firm, Oleg Deripaska, making the allegation that the latter never paid him his stake in the business. Dealing on a daily basis with the legalisation of documents that are to be used in a variety of countries, the Certified Translation Department of Wolfestone Translation is well aware of the differences that exist globally from one legal system to another. It is a great honour and credit to yourselves, Britain’s legal firms, to consider the fact that our legal system is held in such great esteem. As a language services company, we too can greatly benefit from the above observation as increased overseas custom can translate into a rise in demand for court interpreters and the translation of hearings. In relation to this it is interesting to note that the above-cited article in fact mentions that the Ministry of Justice currently has an annual budget of £60 million for court interpreting services, a substantial figure which reinforces the frequency of the scenario outlined in the news piece.

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