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Translation Work Placement

I had to undertake an internship in a foreign company in order to complete my Bachelor’s Degree. I was very glad to have been accepted at Wolfestone Translation, a very young and dynamic company which succeeded to build up a serious and strong reputation in only a few years. By working at Wolfestone Translations I have learnt that to achieve such a success there is only one keyword which is: hard working. As it was my first working experience, I did not only discover the field of translation but also how to run a company, the different roles of the staff within the firm, all of them being complementary and (the last but not the least) the importance of communication both within the company and with the customers. Relating to translation, I only had followed few classes of translation before so I really enhanced my translation skills here and I discovered new fields like technical or legal translation. Moreover, the members of Wolfestone Translation have relied on me giving me jobs for customers so I really felt involved and consequently it was a very fulfilling experience that I would recommend to anyone interested in working in the field of translation. Do you want to do an internship at Wolfestone? Visit our website www.wolfestone.co.uk!

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