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Translation Myths Debunked

For any company wishing to do business on a global scale, translation is a must. Only accurate language translation will enable you to effectively community with your clients and customers, wherever they are in the world. However, there are many myths surrounding translation, some of which can discourage companies from utilising the expertise of professional translation services. Undertaking a little research shows that most of the myths surrounding translation aren’t true at all. Many companies make the mistake of thinking that they don’t need to pay for language translation because there are automatic translators available online. An automatic translator merely replaces one word for another is a different language. This often leads to nonsensical documents with mistranslated words. Only a human translator can make sure that all words are translated correctly and that documents are written idiomatically, whatever the language. People often make the mistake of thinking that any native or fluent speaker of a language can translate documents. Translation is a specific art that requires very precise skills. It’s much more than just replacing words. Professional translators have the skills necessary to transfer subtle meaning from one language to another. They will also have the knowledge needed to undertake complicated technical translation. Another myth that discourages people from using professional language translation is that they perceive the cost to be too high. In fact, translation rates are actually quite low, especially considering the intricate work required to undertake one. And the costs will pale in comparison to the increase in business and reputation that a good translation will bring you.

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