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Translation Blunders in Marketing

Even the big boys can make embarrassing brand blunders. Get the transcreation process right and you can avoid the mistakes they made. Read on to find out how some of the biggest companies in the world made some of the most embarrassing mistakes.
By Natasha Preocanin, Event Manager for On the Edge Live. It’s not just the small, relatively unknown brands with limited budget that can make the fatal "translation" mistake. Plenty of big brands have made sometimes hilarious errors in getting their message across. Just take a look at the images below to see what I mean. You’re looking to get your brand; your product; your message out into the international landscape. It’s a simple process of just “getting it out there”, right? Off you go and simply use the same brand colours, images, product, message and channels as you would in the UK. The only thing that needs to be changed is the language, right? You pop straight onto the ever-dependable Google and search for a translation. Simple! Right? Wrong! translations that are funny If you want to go global, you can’t just “translate” your marketing message, you need to "transcreate" it. Think about the differences in culture and how the words sound. Are there idioms which could be misinterpreted? Could your message offend, without you even realising it? Of course, there's more to international marketing than just transcreating your slogan. Research, analytics, localisation, organic & paid search all play an immensely important role. But not offending your target market is a good start. To find out more about “Going Global with Digital Marketing”, visit On The Edge, London. Wolfestone Director and Co-founder Anna Bastek will be talking in more detail on all of the above, and providing delegates with a toolkit for overseas marketing success. To find out more information on the day or other speakers visit the On the Edge site. For more amusing brand blunders, visit Huffington Post where the brand blunder content was sourced.

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