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Transcreating Colors: Yellow

What does yellow bring to mind? Some will immediately picture the sun, energy and happiness while others will think of jealousy, dishonesty, and weakness.

Yellow has so many different meanings depending on the culture of the country but also on personal experiences and feelings. It has to be used very carefully and match the product you are going to promote.

What should you know about yellow before launching a product into a new market?

First of all, you should be aware that yellow is not interpreted the same way around the globe.

Indeed, in Eastern countries yellow is a sacred and royal color, the use of this color has been reserved for royalty for many centuries. In China, it also symbolizes honor and masculine values.

Meanwhile, in Europe, it usually represents joy and dynamism even though it can also symbolize cowardice and infidelity in some countries such as France.

While yellow is linked to happiness in Europe, it is also the color of mourning in some countries such as Egypt.

So the use of yellow has to match the product and the country you are targeting. You must adapt your marketing campaign when expanding your product to a new country. For instance, if you want to sell perfume for men in China, using yellow on the website can be a good strategy to succeed. However, the same campaign cannot be used in Egypt since the message will probably be misunderstood and inappropriate.

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