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Transcreating Colors: Think Pink

If you want a color which suits every country, you can’t go wrong with pink.

Indeed, pink is one of the only colors that has no negative connotations no matter which country you’re targeting!

The lighter shades of pink remind people of their childhood in Western countries, and it is also the color generally used for girls when they’re born. There is no doubt that pink is the most feminine color, so its use is mainly for cosmetics and products for women.

The majority of products promoted for little girls can be recognized thanks to their packaging which is mainly pink (for example Barbie or American Girl). Nevertheless, that’s not to say that pink can’t be universal.

In Asia, pink has a more neutral meaning: in Korea, it represents trust. In Japan, this is the color of the flowers from cherry trees, and a Japanese custom is to meet under these trees during the Hanami day to spend some time together. So, the Asian meaning of light pink is connected to spending time with friends.

On the other hand, it has a more striking aspect as well; shades like Fuchsia are flashy and ostentatious. Certain kinds of products are colored black and pink, thus the packaging gives an impression of sophistication and sensuality.

Not all pink brands are girly. Lastminute.com use bright pink to point out their deals like a highlighter pen. Smile and T-Mobile are companies that also use bright pink to differentiate themselves from other similar brands.

So, be careful not to use pale pink too much in Western countries, or your product could be defined as too feminine or potential customers may misunderstand your product. Bear in mind the fact that in Asia the connotations of pink are different.

What color is your business’ logo?

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