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Transcending Language Barriers in Business

How translation services can improve your global reach.

Every ambitious, forward-thinking business understands that thanks to the evolution of global communications technology and effective transportation links, there now exists the potential to market to a worldwide audience – whatever the product or service.

In fact, this is such a widely accepted fact that it has become almost a cliché to talk about the global business community. Even organizations which operate primarily in a regional or national market are likely to have a website that connects their brand with a global audience, and companies with a broader target audience are becoming savvier when it comes to creating an international brand, product, and proposition with a multi-national appeal.

But, there is one area that which even the most ambitious brands often lag behind when it comes to catering to a global audience, and that is the ability to transcend language barriers.

It is widely accepted that English is the international language of business, which gives many companies who operate in English a sense of great complacency when dealing with foreign customers or partners. However, taking the time to understand whether these audiences would be better served in their own native language is a crucial way of winning respect; raising reputations, and closing large deals.

For instance, by hiring a professional translation agency to make your website and external communications multi-lingual, you can reach an additional 100 million non-native English-speaking web users. More importantly, you can also ensure that these users understand that your business is dedicated to their market. This is particularly important for companies looking to expand into one specific foreign country.

Doing business in a market's native language is a signal of intent, as well as an excellent means of improving relationships and understanding.

But investing in translation services is more than just a numbers game, and it doesn't stop at websites: for companies trying to break into foreign markets, ensuring that marketing materials, contracts, e-mails, and other crucial company documentation can be rapidly and fluently translated is an indispensable asset.

Of course, it’s possible to translate web content or documents without employing the services of an agency – there are plenty of free translation tools floating around online – but its also important to remember that translation errors can be at best amusing and at worst fatal to promising business deals, so hiring in professional translation services is vital: to cut through the competition and show that they are serious about playing in a global market, English speaking businesses must transcend language barriers.

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