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Top Notch Business Translation Services

In the business world, sourcing first rate products and services that are both affordable and practical is a must no matter how large or small your company. We’re a multi award winning translation company, which is simply a more descriptive way of saying our services are exemplary across the entire translation service spectrum. Although we cater to many private clients, a huge proportion of our projects come from the business sector, usually in the form of long-term contract work like English to Chinese translation and interpretation on B2B and B2C basis. Alongside long-term partnerships our expert translators can be applied to one-off projects like website localisation and emergency translation work. We maintain enough expert translators on our books to make sure rapid response in a cutthroat market is assured. We understand there are a few simple things our business clients look for in a translation company – reliability, accuracy and cost effectiveness. With prominent clients such as the BBC, IBM, Marriot and Unilever, the Wolfestone name is already synonymous with each of these highly sought after service characteristics. However, we’re not the type to rest on our laurels, and continue to seek out ways to evolve further, reach higher, create lower costs and develop new services. In the business world, the buck has to stop somewhere. We take on the full burden of your business translation expected standards to create a responsive, 100% reliable result whether you need a short English to Chinese translation or complete website localisation specific to as many locales as required.

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