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Top 3 Benefits of Marketing Translation

Top 3 advantages of professional marketing translation services.

It’s easy to assume that marketing your products and services online in English is effective, as it is a language that is generally spoken across the globe.

But, what if you found out this might not be correct, as English is only used by 25.9% of internet users: with the next top five languages used to search on Google being Mandarin Chinese, Hindi, Spanish, French, and Arabic.

With this in mind, it is essential that US businesses consider translating and localizing their digital marketing and communications, in order to reach a wider international audience.

In this blog, we are going to evaluate the top 3 benefits marketing translation can bring to your company, based on 15+ years of our own experience.

To start, let’s go back to basics and define what marketing translation is...

The Definition

Marketing Translation is the process of translating marketing content from one language to another, in a way your target audience will understand.

This service not only ensures your key messages, logos, slogans, and promotional material is delivered accurately but also considers the international meaning of words to ensure they’re culturally appropriate in particular regions.

Ultimately, marketing translation globalizes your website, social media, advertising campaigns, SEO, digital marketing, and more.

So, let’s see what the 3 core benefits of marketing translations are...

The Benefits of Marketing Translation

1. Getting your localization strategy right

The first benefit of marketing translation is that it covers your localization strategy.

Marketing is only as effective as its message to the target market. Your message, translated directly word-for-word, could be misunderstood in another language. That’s where marketing localization comes in.

Localization is at the core of marketing translation as it takes cultural awareness into consideration. Why is this important?... here is an example:

An international estate agent quickly came to realize their need for localization when their US-based marketing team produced an idea for their Australian market with the tagline “Come walkabout our place.”

This clever play on words turned out to be a near disaster. The term “walkabout” is highly offensive to some audiences in Australia. Fortunately, the Australian team caught this before it went public, but in the process, were shocked by the suggestion from their US team to use that phrase. It came as a huge surprise this caused offense, with “walkabout” being an ‘Aussie’ slang/catchphrase well known here in the US.

Alas, here lies a perfect example of speaking the same language and not always translating locally. To avoid this from happening, businesses should rely on a professional translation agency to combine their translations with localization.

2. Branding your business

A brand's image is very personal and should capture what the business does.

So, translating a brand is very important. However, it needs to be done in the right way.

If your company is aiming to run a humorous tagline or emotional video advert in a new language, then translating this word-for-word is unlikely to maintain the desired effect in multiple regions.

If you want your brand’s distinctive tone of voice to be present in every target market, marketing translation services make this possible. It's the key to avoiding bland statements or being caught not ‘reading the room’.

By using branded translation services, the entire campaign is taken into consideration, with particular consideration given to the tone of voice. This tailored solution is perfect for your brand.

3. Appearing on Google, reaching more prospects

Marketing Translation can improve Search Engine Optimisation (known as SEO in the field), increasing your rankings in search engines.

Professional marketing translation services consider keyword optimizations on your campaigns, landing pages, and all other website copy you’re working on.

The result? Higher rankings for your web pages on Google, which in turn means more reach/bigger audience!

Multilingual SEO is a true contributor to the success of global marketing campaigns. And, using specialist translators, with expert SEO skills, is the best way to get in front of a larger audience in your new language.

So, if you want new customers to unlock your brand, then use Wolfestone Group to support you with marketing translations.

We can collaborate with you on campaigns, video content, PPC strategies, rebranding projects, and much more. Wolfestone Group has been supporting marketing teams on an international scale for years.

So, Get in contact today.


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