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Ticking all the boxes for supplier diversity

After attending the Equality and Diversity Forum on 14th June 2012 in Birmingham and meeting Colin Hann from Supplier Diversity Europe (find out more at http://www.supplierdiversityeurope.eu/), we can happily say that Wolfestone is singing from the same hymn sheet as the UK's diversity champions. Colin, who has an impressive professional history of working in the field of Equality and Diversity and more specifically racial equality and social and employment policy, currently works for Supplier Diversity Europe, a company with offices in the UK and France and plans for further expansion into Germany and Holland. In a nutshell, the company promotes the notion of larger European businesses working with diversity-focussed suppliers. In fact, Colin’s role is to actively encourage law firms to work with SME suppliers that are either truly local businesses, are largely represented by females or that demonstrate a strong commitment to Equality and Diversity through their company values. Wolfestone takes a great interest in our surrounding area, being partnered with both Swansea and Cardiff universities whose translation students we offer work experience to. And given the multilingual and multicultural nature of our business, our operations naturally extend across the globe. Secondly, one of Wolfestone's two founding directors is female and over 50% of the workforce are too. This reaffirms Wolfestone Translation’s full support of the notion of equality and diversity with regard to gender. It doesn’t end here however. We are committed to achieving Equal Opportunities in all aspects of our daily business to ensure that no employee, supplier or customer is discriminated against on the basis of age, sexual orientation, race, religion, disability, class, education, employment status, political belief etc. In short, with Colin’s recommendation, we could indeed be the perfect diverse supplier. Supplier Diversity Europe, represented by the committed motivational speaker Colin Hann, was another company that we had the pleasure of meeting at the Birmingham Equality and Diversity Forum on 14th June 2012. Colin, who was a speaker at the event, informed us of the three main criteria that the company encourages European-wide businesses to meet with regard to their supplier base, with the former being locality, a strong female presence and a commitment to Equality and Diversity. Wolfestone Translation is proud to announce that we tick not one, not two but all three of these boxes.

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