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The New Holiday Resort

We take a look at the latest holiday resort on the continent - Germany.

By Sandra Federspiel

The swimming pools and lakes are crowded, there

are long waiting times at the ice cream parlors and the parks are more visited than they have been for many years. No, we’re not talking about Britain. We’re talking about the heatwave in Germany. Germany, like Britain, has waited a long time for a summer like this. It’s the driest summer in July for 10 years. The hot weather is quite unusual for Germany. It’s currently 30 degrees – but it will be hotter. This weekend it is expected to reach 38 degrees and possibly more!

The heat in Germany

In some cities, the hot weather has destroyed roads and caused accidents.And some people can’t sleep because of their overheated flats. Balconies have become bedrooms, with Germans sleeping on their balconies to combat the heat.

The upside

There are some positive facts too. For a start, the sunny days are good for the morale of the country. The weather forecast says that the weather will be staying a few weeks. So many Germans are planning to save their money instead of spending it on foreign resorts, which is a real boost for local trade. The shopping centres are crowded, providing another boost to the German economy. Many retailers have taken advantage of volume sales by discounting products up to 70 percent.

The message

If you’re communicating with German customers, you might want to discuss the weather in Germany. And with the retailers enjoying better than usual sales, perhaps now is the time to increase your push to establish your company in the German market.

What do you think about the heatwave in Germany? Is it also hot in your country?

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