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The importance of translations in a global economy

Like many organisations, yours may have operations in more than one country. The technology available these days makes it easy to get in touch with individuals located thousands of miles away on an instant basis and transport links to many areas are superb. Having the freedom to operate in this way can be liberating and ultimately it could boost your success considerably. After all, it can expand your target audience and you might be able to make the most of advantageous trade agreements. However, if you're to make a success of your ventures overseas, it's crucial you're able to communicate effectively with those you deal with. This is where professional translation services come into their own. Whether you're after English to Chinese translation, English to Arabic translation or anything else, bringing in the experts can really pay off. Breaking down language barriers The importance of document translation services and so on was highlighted in a recent Guardian article. It focussed on the activities of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) operating in Africa. Expert Lori Thicke told the publication that when she visited Aids orphans in Thange, eastern Kenya, she realised that charities were displaying information in English, which was a language local people weren't familiar with. She remarked: "The posters carried excellent advice, but they were in English, a language that people didn't understand." She wondered what the point of this NGO-supplied information was if it was inaccessible. Ms Thicke went on to state: "People are delivering aid every day in Africa in English, French and Portuguese. That is fine for the educated elite, but they don't need aid. It is the parents among the poor who need the information on symptoms of malaria." Getting your message across Whatever kind of organisation you run, it's crucial that you manage to get your message across to your target audience effectively. Assuming they will understand English can be a costly mistake. For example, your marketing material may be inaccessible and therefore useless. Thankfully, it's now easier than ever to make the most of professional translation services. Here Wolfestone we're experts in this field and should be able to provide you with the services you require. Regardless of whether you need English to Chinese translation, English to Arabic translation or anything else, our expert team is on hand to help. You can rely on us Meanwhile, you can have total peace of mind when you utilise our professional translation services. All our translators are native speakers and are culturally and professionally up-to-date. We have access to more than 5,000 translators worldwide and they only translate into their mother tongue. This means they can localise information effectively and ensure any mistakes are avoided. Your own project manager For each assignment you send us, you'll be assigned a project manager who will keep you informed and ensure your deadlines are met. These skilled individuals will also make sure your document is allocated to an appropriately qualified and experienced translator. To find out more about our document translation services and so on, just take a look around our website or get in touch.

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