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The Importance of Chinese and Spanish

It is fair to say that people from English speaking countries are often a bit lazy when it comes to learning foreign languages. Indeed, here in Britain, we believe there is no need to learn other languages as ‘everyone speaks English’. However this is a common misconception. It is estimated that only about 10% of the world’s population can speak English. Many more people speak Chinese Mandarin than English, and the number of Spanish speakers in the world is roughly equal to the number of English speakers. Despite this, many British companies still place little value on foreign language skills. This means that British companies are effectively alienating up to 90% of their potential market. Sadly this complacency could have drastic consequences for some companies. Now that China and Latin America are becoming leading players on the world stage, Chinese and Spanish languages are increasingly important in the global marketplace. Our complacency regarding foreign languages may well lead to some British companies who do not have effective English to Spanish or English to Chinese translation skills feeling marginalised while other companies who can achieve Chinese and Spanish translation get the lions’ share of market revenue. Thankfully, help is at hand. We here at Wolfestone provide language translation services that can ensure all of your communications are word-perfect for whichever language and culture they are aimed at. So, even if your Chinese or Spanish translation skills are somewhat limited; you can always do business with us.

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