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The Pharmaceuticals Market

Where is it growing?

Perhaps more than any other Wolfestone Group client group, the pharmaceuticals sector requires precision and accuracy in all services. This applies globally but with dramatic growth projected in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) this region in particular needs to be serviced in the most ethical, professional way possible.

Although it currently accounts for only 1.5% of the global pharmaceutical market, MENA demand is growing rapidly. Since 2005, healthcare spending in the region has been rising at an average annual rate of approximately 15%. According to Business Monitor International (BMI), the MENA pharmaceutical market will be worth $23.7 billion by 2014.

The road map for servicing this growing requirement is unlikely to follow straight lines, but by trading ethically and building a solid partnership network, suppliers can add value for themselves and provide crucial services where they’re most needed.

The MENA region’s healthcare systems don’t yet have a tried and tested mechanism for providing universally accessible healthcare of suitable cost and quality. Without a long-term blueprint in place, the need for effective ad hoc services is all the more pressing. Responsible service providers are continuously looking for ways to combat the market shortage, paving the way for better, faster critical patient care.

The issues in the MENA region are familiar to industry insiders. Successful hospital supply chain management is crucial, and all prospective providers need to establish themselves as trustworthy partners, prioritizing the importance of high-quality care to gain credibility and trust with clinicians. Clear, properly pitched communication is crucial, and more and more Wolfestone clients are localizing their websites, technical documents, and marketing material as well as their business-critical clinical data.

One Wolfestone Group partner that has reached out to the MENA region with increasing success is Ellis Pharma. Renowned as a supplier to, among others, the British Armed Forces, they provide vital supplies for running hospitals, replenishing medical kits, and whatever else is required, giving their clients the tools to do their jobs in all situations.

Ellis Pharma understands the need for communication and partnership at all levels. Through building strong relationships with pharmaceutical manufacturers and product sourcing partners around the world, they have a proven mechanism for meeting regional market shortages swiftly and precisely. Ellis Pharma has avoided the wholesale route for exports, and by focusing instead on the option of small, specific orders for a single drug, they can supply exactly what’s required without tying customers into unnecessary repeat orders. They give their customers what they need, no more and no less. The result? Better, faster critical patient care. Put simply, their approach saves lives.

Wolfestone Group sees Ellis Pharma as an ideal export partner. A company with a well-earned reputation for innovation that delivers crucial services in exactly the measure required, they’ve added value to businesses and lives across the globe. For the MENA region, in particular, their ability to deliver “ad hoc” with absolute precision could hardly be timelier or more valuable. If the demand for pharmaceutical supplies in the Middle East and North Africa continues to grow as forecasted we believe Ellis Pharma’s reputation will grow with it, and we’re delighted to be working alongside them.


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