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The EU Market: Where Language Translation Really Counts

Whilst the European Union may have as its goal closer harmony between its member states, this sentiment for common standards certainly does not apply to the official languages of the EU. Each official language within the EU is given due recognition and commercial operators are actively encouraged to make use of multilingual information. Indeed, in regard to pharmaceutical products, all packaging and any accompanying literature must by law be translated into the official language of the importing country. This emphasis on communicating to citizens of a particular country in a language they understand is perfectly reasonable of course. It is highly impractical to expect nationals of one country to voluntarily learn the language of one of the more dominant EU states; neither would it be desirable to force such learning. For any business to operate successfully within the EU it will therefore be highly prudent for that business to first check how other exporters operate in terms of linguistic allowances and where such multilingual uses are obligatory. On the other hand, for almost all businesses, striving to facilitate improved language communications with potential purchasers does rather make commercial sense anyway; effecting an English to German translation for German consumers, or an English to French translation for potential customers in France, could be said to be a rather obvious business initiative. Neither should the cost of such translation facilities necessarily be prohibitive; at Wolfestone Translation we offer cheap translation services that are renowned among many blue chip companies and corporations for their accuracy and reliability.

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