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Telephone Interpreter Service: The Old Dog's New Trick

Telephone interpreter service has many advantages for both the client and the linguist, with speed being one of the most important.

Telephone Interpreter Service: The Old Dog's New Trick

At only 44 years old, telephone interpreting is the middle child in the family of interpreting services, with video interpreting replacing it as the youngest. Traditionally employed mostly in emergency situations by healthcare providers or police services, this interpreting modality uses the phone to connect the clients and the linguist in an interpreting session remotely, where the linguist’s physical presence on-site is not required. No lengthy planning stage, calls connected within one minute. Wolfestone's UK exclusive telephone interpreter service technology.

Telephone Interpreting: Understanding it Better

Telephone interpreting has many advantages for both the client and the linguist, with speed being one of the most important. Telephone interpreter service sessions can, of course, be previously scheduled and booked, but one of the main benefits of the service is that it is available at need. That is the reason why most telephone interpreter service sessions open with an exchange service where the clients specify the needed language combination and are subsequently put through to the interpreter. The latter can work from their own office, with the possibility to check reference material in a setting more suitable for the challenging demands of an interpreting session. The clients, on their part, can save money on time and travelling fees, especially if the interpreter is only required for a short session – many interpreters have minimum fees, for example. Both parties can stop worrying about what will happen if that train is delayed and someone doesn’t make it on time because they are right there, on-demand whenever required. Of course, as it happens with all recently developed services, telephone interpreting still presents some flaws. Someone who has some experience in using the service might point out the long waiting times at the exchange service or the risk of a low-quality call connection. Both the client and the linguist sometimes find it harder to connect on an emotive level with someone they do not see. That’s why Wolfestone tackles remote interpreting a little differently from any other company in the UK.

Our Solution

Here at Wolfestone, we understand these issues and have come up with an innovate solution to provide an innovative telephone interpreter service that’s exclusive in the UK.
  • Our new service is instantaneous, requires no lengthy planning stage and can be used at need. Over 99% of calls are answered within a minute so no time is lost waiting – and that’s inclusive of all languages. Wherever, whenever: we’re here to help.
  • Our brand-new app for smartphone and PC allows you to select from 212 languages and we're constantly growing our network. You can see in real-time how many interpreters are connected for your language combination.
  • You can memorise your favourite providers so that they are contacted first. If they are unable to pick the call, you will be redirected to the first available one, to ensure waiting times remain short.
  • We combined remote interpreting and on-site scheduling into one platform. The customisable workflow will allow you to adapt the platform to your specific necessities and manage your appointments everywhere and anytime you need it. Great for teams who require on-demand interpreting, like hospitals.
  • If you’d rather be able to see the person you’re talking to, video remote interpreting is available for all the most requested languages, such as Mandarin, Japanese and Arabic, as well as many of the main European languages like German, French and Spanish.
  • All our interpreters are 100% fluent in their language combination, so you can be assured of the highest translation quality.
Translation services is a growing requirement in the global economy as companies expand from their homeland. With cutting-edge technology changing the way we interact and do business, it’s never been easier to connect with peers and customers all over the world. We want to be a part of the innovation that revolutionises the way businesses communicate. That’s why our combination of technology and interpreting is a match made in heaven – or over the phone. Get in Touch Get in touch to hear more about our innovative telephone interpreter service and why it might just be what you were looking for.

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