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Teambuilding Day progress

With only one day to go everyone is frantically preparing their tasks for our team building day on Saturday. Everyone has a theme to work with for example, trust, patience, survival or communication and each task will be kept a secret until Saturday. We do however have a list of all the equipment that people need and this varies from rope to pen and paper to eggs! With the weather being reported to be anywhere in between 26 degrees without a cloud in the sky or snowstorms (according to our staff!) anything could happen. We have chosen Afan Forest Park for our campsite for the stunning location and we are hoping the fresh air will mean we come back with a head full of ideas. We feel that team building is important for us as we have such a small team and we all have to work very closely together. It is essential that we communicate properly, are aware of each other’s skills and that we can trust one another. As well as getting to know each other properly we hope that this weekend will make Wolfestone even more dynamic and successful.

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