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Tattoo Translation

As a wide-reaching translation company we do a lot of work in technical fields and on websites. If you want a legal translation of a birth certificate made or an entire commercial website copied into another language you’ve come to the right place. No job is too big, but it’s also true that no job is too small and some of the projects we do are as tiny as a single word. We can translate Chinese to English or an English word to the most appropriate Japanese Kanji character. Asian scripts make popular tattoos for people from all walks of life, many of whom speak no Japanese or Chinese whatsoever. The characters are attractive, elegant, and exotic- perfect for tattoos. The problem is that unless you ask a native speaker or engage a translation company to check the meaning of your chosen tattoo character or characters you’re taking the tattooist’s word that it means what he or she says. This can be a risky business, especially as most tattoo artists in the UK don’t speak Chinese or Japanese themselves, and tattoos don’t wash off. We offer a fast, cheap translation service just for those considering tattoos in other languages. It’s charged at a flat rate of £29 plus VAT. If you’d like to translate Chinese to English to interpret an existing design or you’d like to know the best Kanji character to express a particular concept, Wolfstone can provide you with the same quality of service our business clients expect.

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