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Swansea Finds Its Voice With Wolfestone

How many times have callers complained about being frustrated and bored when their phone calls to you were put on hold? How many times have you found a powerpoint presentation or a corporate video confusing or demotivating? And how many time have you wished that a message could be conveyed to its target audience in the correct language and ideal tone of voice? Wolfestone, the Swansea based translation service provider, speak to clients with these problems every day. And when our clients have a problem, we find a solution. Wolfestone’s head office now contains a purpose-built, state of the art voiceover studio manned by a multilingual sound engineering team. Having made Swansea a centre of excellence for global translation services, we’re now doing the same for voiceovers. The voiceover industry is enjoying a boom period. Audio files of impeccable quality can be recorded, stored and exchanged swiftly, securely and economically. National boundaries are no barrier to trade and service, and effectively voiced TV commercials, audio manuals, educational videos and audio books can reach any audience. Wolfestone’s partnership network is global, but it includes an impressive list of clients on our doorstep in South Wales, many of whom are already taking advantage of our voiceover facilities. Director Anna Bastek sees this as a natural progression for Wolfestone: “Wales is home to many of the UK’s most progressive industry leaders and also some of the most exciting talent in the creative sectors. It’s not surprising that these clients want to convey their message in the most effective way possible and it’s our pleasure to help them do it.” We offer fully localised voiceover services for advertisements, corporate presentations, computer-based-training modules, online training and countless other media. Many of our clients have enquired about simple, concise messages that can be played over the phone while incoming callers are waiting to be connected. Whatever the requirement, our voice artists are not only native speakers but have a proven ability to match the style and tone of each target language. Our talent list includes experienced artists from five continents, and we can cover any request for regional accents. Never happy to rest on our laurels, we’re continuing to recruit local talent. Welsh Universities are renowned for producing confident, talented language students and many of them have gone on to become skilled voiceover artists. Anna Bastek is always happy to hear from them, and she sees a bright future for Swansea and for the voiceover services industry. “South Wales is bursting with talent and ambition. I’m proud to have offered career paths to many skilled, multiingual graduates and now we can use their voiceover talent to support local clients across all industries. We really are helping Swansea find its voice, and now it’s time for the world to hear it.”

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