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In Search of Stability: Financial Translation

In our latest blog, we explore the concept of stability, particularly in financial translation.

As a long-standing partner to the financial sector, we’ve found that the business models used by banks and other financial institutions are built around stability.

These are unstable times, though. The coronavirus pandemic has made its mark. In the last quarter, for example, CB Insights reports a drop in fintech investment to 2016 levels. Investors are looking for security. They want to know their money is in good hands.

That seems perfectly reasonable to us. Wolfestone Group has built a reputation on delivering precisely what clients need, precisely when they need it. We underpin your stability, we support your growth and we believe that’s as important now as it’s ever been.

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The good news

There is some good news in fintech investment. Although activity is down overall in 2020, there’s been an increase in the number of deals made in Africa. Wolfestone’s network of linguists across that continent gives us a rare-language capability that benefits our clients in banking and financial services every day. Expert financial translations into Afrikaans, Somali, or a range of Nigerian languages can open the door to clear and lucrative communication.

There’s more good news for clients whose financial reporting has been affected by the coronavirus. Wolfestone Group offers you the speed and flexibility to include amendments and updates to your translations without making any sacrifice on quality. We’ve remained busy with the translation of statutory reports this year because, pandemic or no pandemic, those reports still have to be submitted on time. What’s different in 2020 is the number of additional sections we’ve translated documenting the coronavirus measures our clients are implementing.

We’re also helping clients communicate the expected impact of the coronavirus on their business performance to investors in multiple languages. Our clients are showing initiative and resilience, and it’s our job to convey that message with absolute clarity. We do it very well.

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Doing financial translation differently

We believe the next round of statutory reports will tell the same story and require the same expertise and reliability from a language service partner. That’s why our existing clients keep coming back to Wolfestone Group, and it’s why new clients are reaching out to us too.

These are challenging times, and it makes sense to find partners who are rising to the challenge. If you’re looking for stability, resourcefulness, and professionalism in your multilingual communication, you’re looking for our financial translation services.

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