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Russia Says Nyet to Facebook in Favour of Vkontakte

[caption id="attachment_3388" align="alignleft" width="219"]VK Sidebar The VK Sidebar - look familiar?[/caption] By Emma Clarke Social media is crucial when you translate a website into a different language. If you want to develop a relationship with your customers, speaking their language is the bare minimum. Surely that’s easy right? Isn’t Facebook universal? Well, not quite yet. Whereas previous rivals trying to crack the foreign market like Google’s Orkut have bitten the dust, in Russia, for the moment, Vkontakte remains triumphant. So what does it have that Facebook doesn’t? Vkontakte certainly has Facebook’s style. Its colour scheme and fonts are very similar. Perhaps it’s more a case of what VK doesn’t have: copyright laws. Users can freely share any song or film they wish. But this freedom to share whatever you want comes at a price. VK is a soft touch for hackers. That illegal film may also infect your computer with a virus. So if you want to have a social media presence in Russia you need to be aware of the power of VK. Do you think that Facebook will achieve world domination? Or maybe a different social media platform? Are you interested in exporting to Russia? Are you based in South Wales? If so you should consider attending the latest West Wales Exporters Event. Click here for more information. Liked this blog? Then feel free to click on those buttons below to share it on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Want to comment? All you have to do is enter your comment, then your name and email into Disqus and press register. That’s it!

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