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Russia: Opportunities for Technical Exports

Russia is a country that simply cannot be overlooked by any business involved in technology. The sheer scale of its land mass (6.5 million square miles), coupled with its rich natural deposits, means that Russia will continue to be a major player in the oil and gas markets for many years to come. Russia also has a strong industrial and scientific heritage that continues to play a major part in its economy today, influencing strong successes in such areas as heavy and light vehicle construction; iron ore mining; timber and paper production; and, with the help of government investment, a steady return to major aviation development. For exporters of specialist services and equipment this is all good news of course. In recent years for example, Siemens has exported gas turbines to Russia. For many businesses operating in specialist technical fields, however, accessing qualified staff who are also fluent in Russian can be a long-winded and frustrating challenge. Not being the easiest language to learn, and with very little presence in the pre-University level educational sphere, it can be very hard to find staff of the right combined professional and linguistic calibre. For this reason many companies now find themselves using a technical translation agency for their Russian translation services. When using a technical translation agency however it is vital that the client company is certain of the agency's reliability and credentials in technical dealings with Russia. At Wolfestone Translation we have many glowing testimonials for our technical, legal and commercial Russian translation services and look forward to helping your business prosper in this vital market.

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