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Roundup of Wolfestone’s Monthly News

[caption id="attachment_4196" align="alignright" width="200"]Roy Allkin Roy Allkin - nominated for the Leading Wales Award[/caption]

It's been another busy month for Wolfestone. Roy Allkin, our co-founder, has been nominated for the Leading Wales Award. The result of which will be revealed on Thursday, May 23.

Our HR Manager, Emma Hughes, took part in a local event organised by Gareth Price from Careers Wales. The aim was to help Year 11 students become more aware of the business world by conducting mock interviews. Other businesses present included: Tata Steel, NatWest, and ASDA. Wolfestone’s Cloud software led us to being featured in not just one but two publications: CloudPro Magazine and the Guardian. CloudPro Magazine’s article Cloud brings effective document management – in any language, Roy Allkin explains how crucial it is to employ translators “in-country” and that having the latest technology allows us to do this. Should SMEs utilise cloud computing? The Guardian certainly thinks so. They use Wolfestone’s example to back up their theory, stating that Wolfestone’s expansion is partly thanks to using a private cloud. At Wolfestone, translators, proofreaders, project managers and clients have constant access to projects wherever they may be.

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