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Rising Demand for Top Quality Translation in Diverse UK

The UK is a cultural melting pot. Language translation is a part of many people’s everyday lives. You may not even realise it; the helpful bus conductor with a slight accent, the bank manager whose native tongue isn’t English, the Japanese student needing a little help with her university application. Language translation on every scale happens across the UK twenty-four hours a day the year through. When we began in 2008 it was this conspicuous hole in the market that bore the idea of Wolfestone. One company, many languages; the one-stop-shop for all the UK’s translation services! A current sought after service is website translation of UK-based websites. This simply means translating UK-based websites (e.g. local council websites, banks and building society websites etc.) into other languages to allow non-native English speakers residing in the UK the freedom and simplicity of accessing valuable UK information in their native tongue. Our website translation services have already helped scores of UK residents comfortably seek out information about their local area, local services, national UK information etc. in the ease of their native tongue. We do our best to keep translation rates low because we know many of our UK clients are the likes of local councils and educational facilities, few of which have extensive budgets. We know from experience that a kind word or explanatory sentence in a native tongue can open up the world. For information on translation rates please request a free quote using our easy online quote tool.

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