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Go Global with Wolfestone Translation: Keep Your Engine Running

Wolfestone’s business translation and interpreting service is integral to our website translation, technical translation, marketing translationclients’ overseas marketing strategies across a wide range of sectors. Automotive manufacturing, a long standing staple of the UK economy, has recently seen turbulent times. Industry experts see exports as the way forward but market buoyancy can fluctuate dramatically from one country to another. Europe has the capacity to make more than 20 million vehicles in a market where sales are expected to fall to 12.6 million in 2012. For automotive manufacturers, targeting the right market has never been more important. Wolfestone entered 2012 on a high note, winning a series of prestigious business awards and cementing partnerships with key players in UK manufacturing. We’re helping our clients to shape their message for the most lucrative target markets, and many of them are looking to a resurgent Russia. The evidence is compelling: light vehicle sales in the Russian automotive market increased by 39% in 2011. The latest annual figures show overall UK exports to Russia increasing by 51% year on year, to a current annual value of £3.45 billion. This isn’t an isolated surge. Since 2001, UK-Russia trade has been growing by an average of 21% per annum. Crucially for Wolfestone’s clients, the country is in urgent need of up-to-date manufacturing equipment. For all their recent advances, 70% of Russia’s existing capital assets are outdated. Wolfestone offers exporters business translation, interpreting and management consultancy at every stage of an overseas venture. What do our clients typically need from us? Website Translation Ten years ago, English speakers accounted for 36% of web users. That figure is now 27% and falling. Don’t rely on a website that hasn’t been translated into the native language of your target market. At best you might cause your audience mild inconvenience, at worst you might alienate them. And a poorly translated site can be worse than none at all. A “left navigation” site will trigger a negative reaction in those countries where reading is done from right to left. Poorly constructed phrases might not only lose their impact but also cause confusion, and images which might be considered appealing in one culture could be offensive in another. Wolfestone clients have their sites translated by professionals who understand the nuances of their industry and their target language, delivering genuinely localised contact which will maximise interest and search engine optimisation. Technical specifications You’ve researched, designed and tested a market leading product, showing impeccable attention to detail at every stage. Now you want to introduce it to a lucrative new market. Why let yourself down and sell the product short with a sub-standard translation? A Wolfestone technical translation will capture the key selling points of your product, giving you the best possible promotional platform. The devil is in the detail, and so is the sale. Marketing material If you’re attending overseas trade fairs, many of your target clients will have an impressive grasp of business English. Common sense and a mountain of statistical evidence indicate that they’ll still look more favourably on accessible, accurately translated material in their native language. Put yourself in the client’s shoes. Who would you prefer to deal with? The person who made minimal effort to communicate or the one who made every possible effort, offering you professionalism and convenience in equal measure? A Wolfestone marketing translation will help you build bridges, relationships and profits. If they want to buy local, you have to be local Setting up shop in the target market is paying dividends for more and more Wolfestone clients. New legislation will require Russian manufacturers to source 60% of their components locally by 2015. Failure to comply will result in punishing tariffs. Is this bad news for exporters, or does it represent a fresh opportunity? Acquiring land, premises and capital equipment in an unfamiliar country is challenging, but with the right partner for your business translation and interpreting needs, it’s a challenge you can meet. As a Wolfestone client you can call on your own private task force of native speakers and native residents, completely familiar with the economy and culture of your target market and ready to convey your message in sense and spirit. Wolfestone’s track record as a business translation and interpreting partner could be your passport to long term success in some of the world’s fastest growing markets. We won’t just keep your engine running. We’ll take you into overdrive. DAVID JONES

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