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Quality Audio Translation Services

Wolfestone are a professional translation company with years of experience in the industry. Wolfestone provide affordable quality translations including business documents and personal translations. Wolfestone pride themselves on offering accurate, fast translations in a wide variety of different languages including French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Chinese (both Mandarin and Cantonese), Korean and Vietnamese. Wolfestone only use qualified professional translators and all their translating is carried out in person, unlike some translating companies that use machines and automated software. Using native speakers of each individual language ensures you get an authentic and accurate translation taking into account any local dialects. Wolfestone offer a variety of different translation services including multilingual voice over and audio translation. Wolfestone cater to individual voiceover requirements, for example if you specify you would like a male voice or a specific age group then Wolfestone will find a suitable artist to match your specifications. As well as voiceover recordings, Wolfestone work with video recordings and subtitling, and if you need a transcription and translation from the original text, one of Wolfestone’s professional translators will write it down for you. Multilingual voice over recordings are simple with Wolfestone, the first stage is to source the right artist to record your specific audio, using their extensive database of voice over artists. All of the artists used are highly talented voice artists with extensive experience. The audio recording is then carried out in a state of the art sound proof studio, using all the latest audio recording equipment and software. The finished audio translation recording can be sent in a number of different formats, usually a CD or mp3 file.

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