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Q2 Client Feedback

Wolfestone Group values the feedback we receive from our clients. Today we want to analyze our recent feedback results and examine some of the comments we have received on our services.

We’re happy to announce that our survey results for quarter two are here, and they’re as positive as we’d hope! Our team commits to delivering the highest standards of service and it’s what our customers have come to expect from us. In fact, we are now ranking in the top 100 translation companies, so we’d like to think our efforts are paying off.

Without further ado, let’s see what our business partners have been saying about Wolfestone Group in quarter two.

The results

Overall, how would you rate your experience with us?

Two-thirds of our customers gave us an ‘excellent’ rating, and one-third gave us a ‘good’ rating. This means that, overall, 100% of our customers have given us a positive rating!

How satisfied were you with your recent project?

100% percent of customers were ‘very satisfied’ with their recent project.

For your next project, how likely are you to use us?

This question aims to show that our services are truly reliable, by establishing whether our customers would be willing to return. All the respondents answered ‘very likely’ to this question. Top marks! We couldn’t have asked for a better result on this one.

What was the main reason for choosing us for your project?

Now this is one we are always keen to get some insight on. For this question, we put forward possible reasons people might work with us. And the answers are exciting! The majority of respondents selected ‘customer service received’ and the second most selected way ‘Turnaround time.’ We pride ourselves on our rapid translation service, as well as our award-winning delivery, so this is always nice to see. Not to mention, a reflection of the incredible project managers, translators and more here at Wolfestone Group.

An additional answer given, which was typed by the user, was ‘Languages offered.’ It's awesome that this one respondent went above and beyond to note it was our 220+ languages on offer that drew them to our translation services.

Would you recommend Wolfestone Group to other businesses?

An important question. We understand that one of the most effective ways to grow awareness is word of mouth. This is why we’re so elated that 100% of respondents answered ‘Yes.’

And if anyone else out there wants to recommend us, we certainly wouldn’t mind...


Below is a selection of comments from this quarter’s feedback report. All of them are positive, because we did not receive any critical comments on our feedback survey this quarter.

WS US Q2 Feedback Survey Graphic


Overall, we are really honoured to see that there are no negative results at all from this quarter. All the comments we received are very encouraging.

But what do all of these numbers really mean? Well, for starters, multiple responses indicate that they would refer our services along to a fellow business if they were in need of translations, multilingual multimedia or corporate language training. This is the highest praise, as it shows the trust our clients have in the work that we deliver.

The responses regarding customer experiences and project satisfaction are also very kind. The high ratings from this section suggest that none of the respondents had any problems with our projects from this quarter.

On that same topic, customer service is a prevalent reason why customers chose us over our competitors. We do make a concentrated effort in this area so it’s good to see results that display this. Our 99.5% customer satisfaction rate is also evidence of our success in this area.

This concludes our customer survey report for the second quarter of 2022. If you are impressed with our results and interested in using Wolfestone yourself, please fill in a contact form here.

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