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Professional Document Translation Services

Finding a reliable translation company can be tricky. Finding a reliable and affordable translation company is even harder. Wolfestone are one of the fastest growing translation companies in the UK, with years of experience and a team of highly qualified translators. Wolfestone offer a variety of different translation services in a wide range of languages including English to French translation and Arabic translations. Wolfestone cover translation services for both business and personal needs such as document translation. Wolfestone’s document translation services include translating legal documents, marketing material, technical translations, financial translations, medical translations, birth certificate translations and website translation. Translating legal documents requires precision and experience. All legal translation carried out by Wolfestone is done by professionals and is translation quality guaranteed. Legal translation is often certified, official, or notarised translation, Wolfestone are qualified to deal with all types of legal translation in all languages. Legal language can be ambiguous in your own native language, dealing with legal terminology in a different language can seem impossible. At Wolfestone all the translators are native speakers ensuring an accurate translation and understanding. The legal document translation services offered by Wolfestone include commercial contracts, deeds of ownership, employment contracts, witness statements, marriage and divorce certificates, power of attorney and birth certificates. Wolfestone employ a number of sworn translators and notaries who are able to certify documents for use in an official capacity. Wolfestone’s experienced translators are qualified to assist in a variety of legal cases such as evictions, court cases and telephone interpreting.

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