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Our favourite global marketing successes

Discovering opportunities for international trade has become a lot simpler over the past decade. Hence the great global marketing successes that many companies have achieved.


Discovering opportunities for international trade has become a lot simpler over the past decade. With the rise of digital media, government support and entrepreneurship, businesses small and large look at increasing revenue. If a business has a clear strategy and good understanding of the local markets, they are bound to succeed. Exporting internationally is one of the biggest business trends of 2015. UK retailers’ sales are expected to increase sevenfold to £28bn by 2020.

Explore how these companies have achieved marketing success around the globe.


ASOS is one of the brands that had a soaring international success in 2014. The company invested more than £20m in international marketing. A large part of their success is due to local teams managing their sites and social media profiles. ASOS CEO, Nick Robertson, says “We are already seeing the benefits of this investment across all territories with increased customer awareness... we have reached the milestone of six million active customers worldwide”.


2. McDonalds

One does not simply ignore McDonalds when it comes to international business expansion and marketing. The company was ranked as the 6th most important brand in the world and is one of the most visited restaurants. Their marketing success is due to strong brand consistency and recognition of local tastes. McDonalds also over 110 localised country specific websites.


3. AirBnB

AirBnB revolutionised the way people find accommodation when travelling, it also made it really easy for people to host guests. By heart, the company offers a very user-friendly process, has a beautiful website that showcases a warm and trustworthy personality. AirBnB is available in over 190 countries and their website is localised in 21 languages. In 2014, over 50% of all guests stayed in Europe and all European countries have experienced a triple digit growth rate.


4. Innocent drinks

After becoming UK’s no. 1 smoothie in 2011, Innocent conquered Europe this year becoming the no. 1 smoothie on the continent. As of 2014, the company is operating in 15 countries. The company also topped the 100 Social Brands by being very engaged, funny, natural and honest with their audience. Innocent managed to keep a consistent brand and tone of voice across all mediums. International expansion sometimes can be a challenge, but it is marketers’ job to make sure the brand’s voice is interpreted the same way across the globe.


What other brands who've succeed internationally would you add to the list?

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