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On the Worldwide Growth of Spanish

The growing influence of the Spanish language across the globe is based on strong historical, economic, and political forces. The fact that it is also one of the most beautiful of the romance languages of course also helps ensure its continued acceptance among different nations. Although, even with 400 million fluent speakers Spanish is only the fourth most commonly spoken language in the world, it is arguably one of the most geographically dispersed; the sweep of Spain’s imperial past has left the world with at least 21 countries as far apart as Equatorial Guinea, the Philippines, and Mexico using Spanish as their official language. In addition, in the world’s most powerful economy, the United States, the proportion of Spanish speakers continues to grow through both the inward movement of people from Latin America and the high birth rate enjoyed by these populations. English to Spanish translation in the US is therefore an increasingly important requirement for businesses and public service agencies alike, and is likely to become even more so in the future Political incentives for the spread of the Spanish language are also very much in place with the Spanish government-backed Cervantes Institute set up to actively encourage the teaching of Spanish throughout the world. Against this background, Spanish translators and Spanish translation services are growing in demand, particularly those that can handle different linguistic variations and dialects prevalent throughout the Spanish-speaking world. At Wolfestone Translation we offer fast, reliable, but competitively priced Spanish translations for a wide range of business and community applications.

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