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No Joke in Funny Translation Mistakes

Linguistic stereotypes aren’t something we trade in here at Wolfestone. Pigeonholed Japanese sign translations (for example, a hotel sign reading in English “You are invited to take advantage of the chambermaid”) and various other global linguistic funnies may indeed elicit a cheeky smile when glimpsed on an online humour website, but in business terms such mistakes are unprofessional and embarrassing. What we offer is accuracy and dependability in the form of professional translation and associated services. None of our translators are on our books because they have “a bit” of knowledge; they’re all proven experts in their linguistic or proofreading fields. We don’t take any chances with accuracy! Let’s take the example of the Japanese hotel sign (straight out of a “Carry On” scene!) In all likelihood they used a free online electronic translator tool without the assistance of a proofreader. And that’s the clincher, a little help from a free online tool is understandable, but without the knowledge to back up results you could be left in a similarly embarrassing situation. We do our best to keep professional translation costs as low as possible. We know not every client needs a huge amount of text translating, so you can rest safe in the knowledge that our full service and high standards are reflected in translation costs. German English translation, English Afrikaans, Arabic Catalan; whatever your translation needs, Wolfestone can help make sure your company doesn’t end up the butt of the joke on a humour website!

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