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No Cons, Just Confidential Services

In many areas of life, the burden of keeping things confidential can seem crushing. Keeping tabs on confidential office memos, keeping exams under wraps, handing sensitive subject matter with discretion – in every walk of life there’s usually some kind of confidentiality issue. Now try adding the potential problem of language translation. Well, we don’t see confidential language translation as a problem because the Wolfestone name is synonymous with 100% secure project management and follow-through. All our teams – from website localisation experts to Spanish translators – have signed comprehensive Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) pertaining to all work carried out for Wolfestone, including face to face meetings, document translation, interpretation etc. Let’s look at the example of website localisation. It’s likely a release date is on the cards for the website to go live, and we know you don’t want information leaks etc before then. Our NDAs make sure your information is protected and stored securely on your behalf. Our records are managed wholly within the realm of Wolfestone responsibility, meaning we understand that the buck stops with us in terms of confidentiality and privacy protection. Actions can sometimes translate better than words, which is why we offer a binding confidentiality agreement free of charge to all Wolfestone clients regardless of project size, industry or nature of work. If you’d like more assurance as to the Wolfestone confidentiality promise, get in touch on 0845 000 0083 and talk things through with one of our expert advisors.

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