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Marrying Abroad with Children: Top Tips

Marrying abroad with childrenThis month destination wedding site MarryAbroad.co.uk has surveyed its UK couples database, and found that 40% of those choosing a wedding overseas already have children. And the site’s wedding planners, based in both long and short haul destinations, typically found that over 5 years, they have seen on average a 17% increase of couples with children or step-children, getting hitched. Joint Founder Steph Bishop states: “We are seeing couples choose child-friendly resorts more and more often, and sometimes even combine their wedding with a christening event too”. MarryAbroad.co.uk’s Top 10 Tips for Child-Friendly Destination Weddings 1. Find a resort with a kids club / Crèche Up to 80% of wedding couples staying at Sani Resort, Halkidiki, Greece, use the facilities of the kids club and crèche, according to Anna Wohlfart, Wedding Coordinator. And on the actual wedding day, many couples book a babysitter during their evening celebrations – giving them time to enjoy the event, in the knowledge their children are safe and sound. 2. Consider the weather For example, it is best to avoid Thailand in the hottest months of April and May - when humidity is at its highest, when marrying with small children. In Southern Europe, avoid the heat of a hot summer's day, and choose the morning or early evening for the ceremony. 3. Timings For long haul destination weddings, try if possible to arrive a week before the actual day, so that kids can acclimatise slowly and get over jet lag. 4. Water Make sure children stay hydrated. Include lots of pool and beach time to keep them cool! 5. Get the children involved Try to involve children with the ceremony as much as possible, as ring carriers and flower girls. 6. Food Arrange a familiar feast for children, speaking to the wedding planner in advance to ensure children have food they will recognise on the day. And don’t forget the seating - wedding planners can also arrange for smaller seats, tables and high-chairs for kids. 7. Clothing If children are dressing up; remember that heavy dresses or suits in a hot country can be uncomfortable. 8. Older Children Thai wedding planner Creative Events Asia wedding found that this year, 15% of bookings were for couples remarrying, with older children. If taking teenagers away and it is within budget, let them take a friend along for company. 9. Keepsakes Angelina Jolie is famously marrying a certain Mr Pitt this year, and reportedly has commissioned individually designed jewellery, for all of her six children - as keepsakes on their special day. Make like Angelina, and buy something a little special for children to give them at the ceremony, that will remind them of the wedding for years to come. 10. End the night with a bang Fireworks on the beach and lantern releasing, is always a huge hit with children! Liked this blog? Then feel free to click on those buttons below to share it on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Want to comment? All you have to do is enter your comment, then your name and email into Disqus and press register. That’s it!

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