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Making the most of interpreters

Interpreters play a vital role in the modern world. Your organisation might rely on them in a range of different scenarios. For example, perhaps you utilise them on a regular basis to help ensure different parties can understand one another. One the other hand, you might only need these specialists on an occasional basis, such as when you stage international conferences or meetings. Without translation services like these, individuals can really struggle to make sense of what's going on. Interpreters in medical environments A study published recently in the US called for professional translation experts to be present in emergency rooms to help non-English speaking patients. Published in the Annals of Emergency Medicine, the research suggested mistakes that could have 'clinical consequences', like giving the wrong medication dose, were around twice as likely in the absence of interpreters or if translators were amateur, Reuters reports. Meanwhile, it is thought that around 25 million US residents have limited English proficiency. Expert response Commenting on the study, lead researcher Glenn Flores from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Centre in Dallas, said: "The findings document that interpreter errors of potential clinical consequence are significantly more likely to occur when there is an 'ad hoc' or no interpreter, compared with a professional interpreter." He added: "These findings suggest that requiring at least 100 hours of training for interpreters might have a major impact on reducing interpreter errors and their consequences in health care, while improving quality and patient safety." Sourcing the best interpreters Clearly, when you do need to make use of translation services like this, whether you're after interpreters to provide English Arabic translation, English to Spanish translation or anything else, it's important that you source reliable and skilled individuals. This is where we come in. Here at Wolfestone, we're experts when it comes to offering professional translation services of all kinds and we place a strong emphasis on delivering the very highest quality assistance. We can provide: • Conference interpreters • Court interpreters • Telephone interpreters • Certified interpreters Simultaneous interpreting Meanwhile, you might want to utilise simultaneous interpreting. This involves the interpreter relaying the meaning in real time. Of course, there is a slight delay while the expert processes the information he or she hears, but for all intents and purposes, it's immediate. This can be ideal in large multinational meetings and other gatherings of this kind, for example. Consecutive interpreting Consecutive interpreting, on the other hand, relies on the specialists listening to a section of speech and then either summarising it or relaying it verbatim. This can be useful in one-to-one meetings and small groups and is common in court proceedings, among other scenarios. To find out more about how we operate and whether or not we can offer you the perfect English Arabic translation, English to Spanish translation and so on, just take a look around the rest of our website or get in touch with our friendly and professional team. We could help make your life easier and our rates are competitive too.

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