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The Language Industry and Wolfestone Group

Watch Roy Allkin, co-founder of Wolfestone Group, speak about his experience and the company's involvement in the language industry.
Roy Allkin, co-founder of Wolfestone, writes about his experience and the company's involvement in the language industry.

The language industry and Wolfestone

I’m Roy Allkin, co-founder and Operations Director at Wolfestone, and I’m going to be talking a little about the work that Wolfestone does in the language services industry in general. For the past 4 years I have been the Chairman of the Association of Translation Companies. The ATC is the representative body for translation and language service companies in the UK. The ATC is also a founding member of the European Union of Association of Translation Companies – a pan European grouping of translation company associations.Working within the ATC gives Wolfestone a unique opportunity to guide the language services industry, to raise standards, and to ensure that the industry continues to grow and flourish. My work with the ATC regularly involves lobbying government, arbitrating in disputes, promoting the use of professional translation companies, and working with other industry bodies to raise quality standards and best practice. In addition to my work with the ATC, I also work closely with the National Centre for Languages as a Language Champion for the business sector. My work here involves encouraging the uptake and use of languages in schools, colleges, universities and throughout the private sector, whilst also promoting the use of professional language services.Wolfestone works extremely closely with several centres of excellence across the UK and Europe such as Swansea University, Cardiff University, the University of Rome, and the University of Paris, providing internship opportunities, online learning, and frequently lecturing. On the conference circuit I regularly speak at events on various subjects including business growth, best use of PR, project management and business development.Wolfestone is also an avid supporter and closely works with Translators without Borders, a not-for-profit organisation providing free support, guidance and volunteer language services to NGO’s and aid organisations across the globe.By actively working within the upper echelons of the industry we feel we make a real difference to the direction the industry is taking and the way that the industry, and services we provide, can make a transformational difference to the bottom line of businesses small and large.

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