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Language Crisis to Hit UK Schools

According to a recent poll by the National Centre for Languages, only a third of state schools teach the majority of the student body a foreign language (compared to almost all private schools) As a UK-born translation company, we like to keep our multilingual ear to the ground on such subjects. After all, out future technical translation teams, interpreters and proofreaders are within those educating walls as we speak! With the rate of state schools making foreign language study non-compulsory up to the age of sixteen falling year by year, the current coalition government is being urged to bridge the gap between state and private education by way of enabling social mobility post-education. According to experts both within the educational realm and outside it, one of the most productive ways to encourage social mobility is to learn a second language and potentially open up a world of opportunities. As a translation company employing folks from all over the world in various roles, we at Wolfestone wholeheartedly agree that a second (or third... or fourth!) language can open many doors whatever walk of life a person hails from. Many of our skilled team members are testament as to how far hard work and perseverance can take you from where you began. Our translation rates are highly competitive because of the expert skill levels of our agents. We hope to keep our translation rates low, and believe that consistent, healthy crops of young language experts are the way forward.

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