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Is Father’s Day Global?

By Arek Estall Father and ChildEstimates suggest that the UK spends over £700 million on Father’s Day in a typical year. In the US that figure is even bigger - a colossal $11bn. If your company benefits from Father’s Day, you might consider expanding your offering into new countries by translating your website and marketing materials. But before you roll out a global Father’s Day campaign, we ask: is Father’s Day truly global? Get your dates right Father’s Day is pretty much a global event, barring a few exceptions. The important factor to consider is that Father’s Day is celebrated at different times of year in different countries. While in most countries including the UK and US it takes place on the third Sunday of June, in some countries the dates differ. Bulgaria celebrates on the 26th December, while many countries including Italy and Croatia opt for the earlier 19th March. This is both an administrative nightmare and a great opportunity for companies that cash in on Father’s Day. How international expansion can help spread risk With dates ranging from February to December, by developing an international strategy, companies that stand to benefit from Father’s Day can plan a better cashflow. By making sales across the year, the income is more spread, and reduces the cashflow issues that can come with a seasonal business. An added benefit of a multi-market approach is spreading risk. If sales in one country are weak, the others can cover the shortfall. Check out these related articles: Do I need a foreign domain name? How do I Promote my Website in Other Countries? Google isn't Global? Liked this blog? Then feel free to click on those buttons below to share it on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Want to comment? All you have to do is enter your comment, then your name and email into Disqus and press register. That’s it!

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