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International Interpreters

Our expert language translators can also work as interpreters and our interpreter is extremely versatile; we have the capacity to offer German translation, Russian translation and translation for many European, Asian and Arabic languages. We can easily supply fully certified interpreters for court cases, conferences and telephone services, in fact, for absolutely any occasion where highly accurate language translators are required to instantly interpret languages and make clear conversational, official and legal communication possible between two or more parties. Our German translation services are always popular as the United Kingdom has strong trading and diplomatic links with Germany, and many United Kingdom firms have close working relationships with German organisations. Russia is another emerging global economic superpower moving up the rankings, and partnerships between British and Russian firms are increasingly common, so it is no wonder that Russian translation is also in great demand. We can offer both simultaneous interpretation, whereby the interpreter translates a conversation in real time, or alternatively, consecutive interpreting, whereby an interpreter listens to a section of spoken word and either translates verbatim or summarises. Consecutive interpreting is usually appropriate for small conferences, court proceedings or group discussions, whereas simultaneous interpreting is ideal for large international conferences and, depending on the size and nature of the conference, can require several teams of two to three interpreters working together in small soundproof booths. If you would like more information on our interpreter services or are unsure which type of service is best suited to you and your organisation’s requirements, please contact us today on 0845 000 0083.

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