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I am a Doughnut

John F Kennedy was many things. He was the second youngest American President in history, a figurehead for social change, a Lieutenant in the US Navy and, according to one speech he made, he was a doughnut. Or was he? Even today, linguists, Americans and Germans themselves argue about what exactly he said when he expressed ‘Ich bin eine Berliner.’ To some, he was expressing that he was made of flour and sugar and filled with jam, but to others he was expressing solidarity with the people of Germany. Maybe he wanted to say both. The point is there are so many idiosyncrasies within any language, that sometimes not even natives themselves can agree on just what a certain phrase or saying means. Therefore, it is vital that when it comes to language translation within your company, you know that what you have said is very clear and not steeped in ambiguity as to whether or not you are an item of confectionary. Even for those who feel confident in doing more simple translations such as English to French translation, it might not be as easy as one thinks. Even with English to French translation, there are so many potential dialects and slang terms that just having a good grasp of the language might not fully prepare you for the full scope of what language translation entails. Wolfestone offers you cheap translation that will help ensure you don’t find yourself offending someone, confusing them or accidentally calling them a gingerbread man. For cheap translation you can trust, call us today for more information.

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