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HR’s New Role in Youth Unemployment

Comment: HR Manager Emma Hughes Wolfestone Translation HR Manager Emma HughesI recently read the CIPD’s ‘Learning to Work’ discussion paper on youth unemployment, in which they call for the HR profession to take action, joining other professions by putting something back into society. The paper detailed the CIPD’s efforts in the form of ‘Steps Ahead’ which involves CIPD members using their experience and expertise to advise young people in their job search and help them with CVs. Their aim is to build a ‘new relationship between work and education, one of mutual understanding and greater interaction.’ This is off the back of UK youth unemployment figures that reached a worrying 21.9% in March, and that number is expected to get worse before it gets better. I couldn’t help but think to myself… where have you been CIPD! Wolfestone has been focussing on employability skills in our local community and beyond for a number of years now! That said, I am really happy to see them pushing forward this campaign to help young people break the vicious circle of no experience meaning no job. The campaign has gained the backing of big employers such as Deloitte and M&S, and we at Wolfestone are hopeful of its success. The new strategy isn’t without hurdles though. The big dilemma for SMEs such as Wolfestone is how to balance giving up time and resources for worthwhile causes such as improving youth employment opportunities, while making sure enough resources are designated to growing the company, to ensure we can offer those employment opportunities ourselves! I’m pleased to say that every Wolfestone employee gets involved in helping to develop the future generations via a number of projects and programs that we run. It’s a pleasure to work with people who are as committed to the development of others as I am and makes my job a lot easier! I completely agree with what Iain Mackinnon wrote in PM magazine, it is about ‘mutual benefit’. Our staff actually benefit from helping others and it helps to maintain a positive and cooperative culture in the company.

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